VMworld 2021

Imagine that: great tech, great guests, great customers stories, great you! October 6-7 in the virtual Barcelona this year.

It’s no doubts, we all miss meeting in person. Listening to great speakers, discussing with so many people about the future of the technology and our lives, hanging out with friends and partners. Wandering thru the beautiful Barcelona. The perfect picture, isn’t it? We’ll be back, I’m sure. Meanwhile, it’s great -as well- catching up with part of the above attending VMworld 2021.

Great tech, great guests, great customers stories, great you!

And if you’re in the Multi-Cloud arena, if you do Cloud Management, please check the two agendas below: selected sessions on the matters, worth attending, to make you save time.

Managing and optimizing your multi-cloud environments across financial management, operations, security and compliance, taking your Multi-Cloud Financial Management to the next level, Security Posture Management: from Cloud to Kubernetes, an end-to-end demo of taming public cloud with CloudHealth and vRealize, how to make DevSecOps real with vRealize Automation and CloudHealth Secure State, using contextual search and the MITRE ATT&CK framework to improve Public Cloud Security and more…

Sign up here. Hope to see you there! 

Multi-Cloud Experience

MCL3217The VMware Multi Cloud Computing Infrastructure Strategy of 2021​
MCL2455Why AI – Our Vision and Strategy for Managing Tomorrow’s Clouds
MCL2505VMware’s Vision for Storage and Data in a Multi-Cloud World
MCL1268Deliver the Same Infrastructure to a Multi-Cloud Deployment
MCL3142STop Considerations for Selecting a Modern App Platform
MCL2408Realizing Your Business Outcomes with VMware Cloud Universal
MCL2508Why Hitting Refresh With HCI Should Be Your Modernization Strategy​
MCL1114What’s New in vRealize Cloud Management​
MCL2735The Future of Local and Distributed Cloud with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC
MCL2500How vSphere Will Redefine Infrastructure to Run Future Apps in the Multi-Cloud Era​

Cloud Management Experience

MCL3217The VMware Multi Cloud Computing Infrastructure Strategy of 2021 ​
MCL1115A Guide to the Cloud Operating Model 
MCL1114What’s New in vRealize Cloud Management​
MCL1277A Big Update on vRealize Operations
MCL2019What’s New: VMware Skyline Proactive Intelligence​
MCL2448vRealize Automation – Now and Into the Future
MCL1247Manage Public Cloud with CloudHealth and vRealize 
MCL1271Advanced Troubleshooting with vRealize: Your “Go-To” Guide
MCL1895Manage Windows Workloads Through vRealize Automation SaltStack Config
MCL1116A to Z of vRealize Licensing and Packaging

By Luca Bonesini

Whole Lotta Nerd