This is where the Cloud is going. “Really”.

Machine vs human: do we need a winner?

Cloud technology is expanding in leaps and bounds, and if you want to stay on top of the latest developments in cloud technology, you’ve got to keep up with the innovations.

If you want to know where the cloud is going, you need to think about where it’s been. When cloud technology first hit the market, it was a niche product that only had a very limited market. It was a product that was only suitable for a very small section of the population. But as cloud technology has developed, the range of people who can benefit from it has also grown.

In the early days of cloud computing, the main focus was on big business. There were a lot of businesses that could benefit from cloud technology, such as those that were in need of easy access to data without having to worry about the technology behind it. But cloud technology has moved beyond big business. Now, cloud technology has started to be used by the general public. Cloud technology is now being used by anyone who needs to store their data in a safe and reliable location. Cloud technology is also being used to solve a problem that’s even more pressing than being able to easily store data. And that problem is security. As cloud technology has evolved, it has become a bigger target for hackers. As a result, cloud technology has had to evolve to protect its data. And it’s done that by creating a new layer of security. Cloud technology has always been about making it easier for businesses to store their data without having to invest in expensive servers.

The cloud has continued to develop, and it’s now being used for a whole range of different reasons. Whether you’re a business that needs quick and easy access to data or a member of the general public who wants to keep their data safe, cloud technology has something for you. The cloud is going to continue to grow and develop. And the more it grows, the more uses it’ll have. If you want to know what’s in store for the cloud in the future, take a look at what it’s offering now.

If you have the feeling to have just read a nonsense, an empty text, an article with no meaning… you might have gotten it right! I didn’t write it, did it for me: I just set up the title and the “Cloud technology is” incipit at the beginning.
Artificial Intelligence and GPT-3 behind the magic, which will rapidly grow to become more and more magical eventually. You’ll agree, though, how powerful this technology could be, how scary -and, at the same time, exciting– magic is, the good vs the bad in its application, and so on.
My suggestion would be to start experimenting, fairly abusing of it, while continuously asking yourself “Is this good? Is this bad? What will happen if…
Meanwhile, this works today, you may want to use it to write your articles: set up the keywords, run the tools, let the AI writing your draft. Then throw everything away, start writing something original, smart, new, keeping your text much far as possible from the draft written by the automa.

What about you? Please, let us know commenting here below.

By Luca Bonesini

Whole Lotta Nerd